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  • Greg Gibson
    “Over the last 2 years, I have tested and experimented with all kinds of foam tire inserts. I have become very interested in the damping qualities, air volume reduction, and increased progression of the air spring within the tire as much as the rim and flat protection. Most of them are junk. The system from Mynesweepers is my favorite for several reasons. This insert offers the most volume reduction, the lowest weight, and the best run-flat capabilities at the best price. The damping qualities and rim protection are good also. I love the damping with my skinny xc tires at Bootleg Canyon. I can hold a better line with less tire deflection with a higher psi. The install is minimally complicated and the sealant has a harder time spreading out so we use a little more. Tuning the suspension within a tire is the next level in mtn performance.”
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