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MYNESWEEPERS are lightweight, closed-cell foam tire inserts that are designed to provide superior protection and improve performance, while securely getting you to the end of your ride. At a fraction of the price, and a much easier installation, the choice is EASY!!
Mynesweepers is a closed-foam tire insert
Without Mynesweepers Installed
Your tires without MynesweepersYour tires without Mynesweepers
When an unprotected tubeless wheel system makes contact with an obstacle, the tire warps around the obstacle and can allow it to make contact with the wheel. This may lead to damaged wheels and costly repairs that range from around $100 for a simple repair to thousands of dollars for complete wheel replacement.
With Mynesweepers Installed
Your tires with MynesweepersYour tires with Mynesweepers
For less than the cost of a single simple wheel repair, Mynesweepers closed foam tire inserts offer superior protection for your wheels, translating to massively reduced wheel repair and replacement costs.

It's What's NOT There That Can Hurt Your Wheels

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