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Confidence to Smash the Terrain

MYNESWEEPERS are lightweight, closed-cell foam tire inserts that are designed to provide superior protection and improve performance, while securely getting you to the end of your ride.
Mynesweepers is a closed-foam tire insert
Simply install MYNESWEEPERS inside your standard tubeless tire system and inflate to your normal pressure.
Mynesweepers is a closed-foam tire insert
MYNESWEEPERS instantly gives you the confidence to smash through technical terrain and actually use all of the travel in your suspension, without damaging your wheels!
Team Mynesweepers
MYNESWEEPERS also help to prevent sidewall pinch flats, but in the event of a large tear, they provide enough support to get off the trail, even at zero psi!
At a fraction of the weight, and a fraction of the price, get your MYNESWEEPERS today or get left in the dust!
  • Testimonial from Zach Rante
    "Best tire insert I've used, light weight, and haven't had any dings since I started running them."
    Zach Rante
  • Testimonial from Adrian Farah
    "Mynesweepers work as good as any of the others if not better and for a fraction of the price. Unlike most others they are also reusable when you change tires. It's a win in my book."
    Adrian Farah
  • Testimonial from Marlon Hilbert
    "These inserts saved me from multiple rim slams...I wouldn't like to ride without these badboys..."
    Marlon Hilbert
Mynesweepers Wheel Protection Logo
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